Scotland’s wave energy body joins €8m tidal testing project

DTOcean+ is an initiative to develop software to help technology companies trial wave and tidal energy concepts

Wave Energy Scotland (WES) has joined an €8 million (£7m) EU-funded project to optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of wave and tidal energy systems.

Scotland’s wave energy body will work as part of the DTOcean+ project to develop a user-friendly and freely available software package to help technology companies test their concepts at an early stage.

It hopes to improve the reliability, performance and endurance of ocean energy systems, making the sector more attractive for private investment and help it become more cost-competitive.

Tim Hurst, WES Managing Director, said: “Becoming a partner in this major initiative takes our work to a whole new level.

“Those involved with ocean energy technology across Europe are working together to share best practice. Our role is to secure additional benefits for Scotland’s wave energy sector.”

The DTOcean+ partnership started in May this year and will run until April 2021.

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