SSE calls on government to increase offshore wind cap

This year’s Contract for Difference (CfD) auction includes a capacity cap of 6GW for low carbon power

Head shot of Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark smiling
Greg Clark: Electricity trilemma is coming to an end

The business and energy secretary believes cheap power ‘is now green power’

UK’s 2017 low carbon contracts ‘will add £100m a year to consumer bills’

The government awarded 11 Contracts for Difference worth up to £176 million annually in last year’s auction

Welsh Government calls for onshore wind and solar support

The Welsh Government is urging the UK Government to enable onshore wind and solar technologies to compete in the renewable energy auctions. The Contracts for Difference (CfDs) scheme currently provides subsidies for technologies including offshore wind, marine energy and biomass. It excludes support for onshore wind and solar, which the Welsh Government believes could potentially […]

Budget 2017: No subsidies for green energy until 2025

Renewable energy project developers have been dealt a huge blow as the government said there will be no new subsidies until 2025. The budget for support schemes, such as Contracts for Difference (CfDs), has so far been set through the Levy Control Framework (LCF) and since the Spring Budget announcement to end the LCF, the […]

Competition watchdog concerned about UK’s green auction process

The competition watchdog is calling on the UK Government to change the process for awarding clean energy contracts. In its provisional findings following a long-standing investigation into the energy market, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has highlighted a number of failings within the Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme. Under the CfDs, renewable developers are […]

DECC adds £25m to low carbon auction pot

The UK Government has increased the budget for low carbon projects that will be supported under the Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme. Projects will now compete for £325 million – a £25 million rise, which follows “high levels of demand” for the contracts, DECC said. The extra funding will boost the amount available for “less […]

Majority of businesses ‘lack confidence in planned energy policies’

A majority (62%) of businesses in Britain have expressed a “lack of confidence” in planned energy policies, according to a new survey. It revealed 59% of the 600 senior decision makers surveyed are also “not very confident” or “not at all confident” that current energy policies reflect their needs. Nearly three quarters of respondents think […]

Consumers ‘picking up the bill’ for green energy contracts, say MPs

The UK Government’s contracts for renewable electricity generation has been “poorly conceived and managed” and does not secure best value for consumers. That’s the conclusion from the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on DECC’s Contracts for Difference, which guarantees a “strike price” for electricity generated by low carbon energy, with developers now set to bid for […]

DECC mulls CfDs for non-UK renewable projects

The Government is considering incentivising the development of new renewable energy projects that would be connected to Britain’s electricity systems but located outside the UK. That means the Contracts for Difference (CfDs) scheme could be opened up to foreign developers, which DECC believes could help improve energy security as well as reduce the cost of […]