EU investigates state aid to national power firms

The European Commission has launched an inquiry into whether subsidies offered by governments to power companies for providing extra electricity capacity violates competition rules. It will gather information on the Capacity Mechanism, which has been introduced in a number of member states, including the UK. The scheme provides incentives for power plants to continue operating, […]

EU regulators raid bioethanol firms

EU antitrust regulators have raided a number of bioethanol companies over alleged price-fixing concerns. The European Commission today announced it undertook “unannounced inspections” last month over concerns they may have violated EU antitrust rules “that prohibit cartels and restrictive business practices”. The products concerned are bioethanol used as a biofuel additive in the production of […]

EU raids biofuel groups over alleged price-fixing

The European Commission raided biofuel companies in two EU countries this week over alleged price-fixing concerns. It carried out “unannounced inspections” at the premises of firms active in the production, distribution and trading of ethanol, a biofuel. “The Commission has concerns that price benchmarks may have been distorted through anti-competitive behaviour, including through possible collusion […]

EU probes French tax caps for large energy users

The European Union antitrust regulators have opened an investigation into whether the green tax reductions in France for large energy users give the companies a “selective advantage”. France levies a surcharge on all consumers to finance its drive for wind power. It subsidises renewable energy projects with a tax called CSPE which is levied on […]