It’s been an extraordinary time over the past year with huge changes in the perception of plastic, nearly two months without coal generation, vast campaigns by companies and organisations to show their green credentials against a background of public dissent and anger.

What is the energy sector doing about Climate Change? We know plenty is being done so why don’t we discuss the positive steps being taken? Therefore, our theme for this year will be Climate Change – Doing our Bit.

The day starts with a stellar headline speaking panel.

We have invited Kwasi Kwarteng MP, Minister of State at the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, to speak at this year’s EXPO.

Kirsty Gogan, Co-Founder and Global Director of Energy for Humanity, Mike Hughes, Zone President of Schneider Electric and Steve Holliday, former CEO of National Grid and new President of the Energy Institute, have been confirmed as speakers and we will be announcing more big names soon.

We will be highlighting all the great work that the UK energy sector is doing to mitigate climate change. If you are an energy end user and would like to come for free, please register with Harry at [email protected].

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EXPO 2019 Headline Speakers

Here is a flavour of some of the content already booked:

  • Jacqueline Gibson, Blenheim Palace – Blenheim – not Royal but green.
  • Pavan Juttla, Multiplex Europe  – Multiplex Europe: The first step in our journey to net zero carbon.
  • Sarah Jolliffe, BAM Nuttall – Application of the science based targets initiative in the construction industry.
  • Wendi Wheeler, Network Rail & Gareth Williams. Virgin Trains West Coast – How to get traction behind rail carbon targets?
  • Alex Gilbert, TfL – The role of energy in a future, smarter London.
  • Andy Kershaw, Marston’s PLC – Sustainab-ale.
  • Haydn Young, GAIA – Landlord & tenant partnerships: how to drive solar PV investments for mutual benefit.
  • Istvan Sereg, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust – The low hanging fruits you may have missed – practical utility management examples.
  • Kam Singh, CBRE UK – How to remotely deliver a successful energy management programme to a portfolio of sites across Europe using a lo/no cost approach.
  • Thomas Jennings, KiWi Power – Trading flexibility: Distributed energy resources vs fossil fuels.
  • Zhong Fan, Keele University – Smart Energy Network Demonstrator at Keele University.
  • Christian Coles, Brook Green Supply – Post-Brexit: Market Madness.
  • Richard Sulley, ENGIE – Achieving Carbon Zero.
  • Mark Tarry & Stuart Reid, AMP Clean Energy – The road to decarbonisation – do the numbers for on-site generation still stack up in a post-TCR world?
  • Mark Cox, SmartestEnergy – Managing your energy costs this winter.
  • Paul Miller, Haven Power – The road to 2050 – a journey with our customers.
  • Rachel McEwen, SSE & Vijay Chouhan, Telefónica UK – The business case for climate action.
  • John Abbott, SSE Business Energy – Sustainable growth starts with smart.

As you can see, we already have a great line up and look forward to adding to this in the next couple of months. Again, register for free as an end user with Harry at [email protected]. If you are not an end user and would like to come, find out about tickets and sponsorship opportunities from Melinda at [email protected] or Geoff at [email protected] or call the office on 020 8815 9222.

We look forward to seeing you all again on November 5th 2019 at the QEII Centre once more.

EXPO 2019 Headline Speakers

EXPO 2019 Speakers

EXPO 2019 Sponsors

EXPO 2019 Content Sessions

Blenheim – not Royal but green

Learn about Blenheim’s sustainability journey across energy (management, procurement and renewable generation), waste (infrastructure, reduction and recycling), local sourcing of goods and services, and environmental communication to staff and visitors. From an aspirational goal to become a net generator of renewable energy by 2027, with obvious refurbishment restrictions, to introducing a fully EV fleet and being seen as Britain’s greenest Palace, hear how the Blenheim vision is being mapped into a tangible pathway towards achieving their promises.

Speaker: Jacqueline Gibson, Environmental Advisor, Blenheim Palace

How to get traction behind rail carbon targets?

With the rail industry needing to respond to the challenge of removing diesel-only trains from the network by 2040 and the UK Government committing to achieving a net zero target by 2050, the pressure is on for rail organisations to change their way of working.  In an industry grappling with increasing demand, fragmented service delivery and a Victorian infrastructure network this is a tall order. Wendi and Gareth will explore how best to drive this change through the use of structured science-based target setting and how to adjust the modus operandi of such an institution to meet the low-carbon needs of the 21st century.

Speakers: Wendi Wheeler, Energy & Carbon Strategy Manager, Network Rail & Gareth Williams, Head of Sustainability, Virgin Trains West Coast

Multiplex Europe: The first step in their journey to net zero carbon

In May 2019, Multiplex CEO Ashley Muldoon signed a letter to the Prime Minister calling for the UK to cut all carbon emissions by 2050. Pavan’s presentation will cover the journey Multiplex Europe took to reach this milestone, and their next steps. She will focus on one of our breakthrough moments, which was when Multiplex Europe became one of the first UK contractors to officially set science-based carbon reduction targets in line with recognised global thresholds. Pavan will talk through the challenges, solutions and impacts.

Speaker: Pavan Juttla, Sustainability Manager, Multiplex Europe


A frank account of the journey from a regional pub company to an industry leading FTSE 250 brewing and pub company and how they place sustainability at the forefront of their agenda. Talking through the award-winning Wise Up To Waste campaign, their creation of Marston’s Water and their electric car charging initiative amongst other things.

An honest, face paced summary of the ups and downs of life in the world of hospitality.

Speaker: Andy Kershaw, Group Head of Facilities and Capex, Marston’s PLC

Application of the Science Based Targets initiative in the construction industry

The talk aims to cover an introduction to what the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) is, what it means and what work everyone has done to apply this at BAM Nuttall. Sarah will also touch on why it is a best fit for their business and why it is a more relevant methodology to link carbon reductions to in the current climate.

Speaker: Sarah Jolliffe, Energy manager, BAM Nuttall

The low hanging fruits you may have missed – practical utility management examples

Utility monitoring to control plant performance, improve buildings’ energy efficiency and to identify energy or water saving opportunities is not a new concept, however, with more granular data becoming increasingly available for Energy Managers, utility management is becoming more effective too. This session will talk you through a few practical examples of how advanced energy analysis techniques can be used to process, visualise and interpret half-hourly utility usage data to better control your heating systems, identify water leaks and to identify other cost saving opportunities.

Speaker: Istvan Sereg, Energy Manager, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Trading flexibility: Distributed energy resources vs fossil fuels

Thomas Jennings explains the opportunity for businesses to participate in trading markets and the balancing mechanism and how their flexible assets – from energy storage to generation – can help power the UK’s net zero transition.

Speaker: Thomas Jennings, Energy Storage Lead, KiWi Power

How to remotely deliver a successful energy management programme to a portfolio of sites across Europe using a lo/no cost approach

Multi-site portfolios that are also geographically diverse can present many challenges when trying to implement an consistent energy management programme across all the sites. Add to this the requirement to deliver without any capital expenditure and the energy manager certainly has their work cut out for them. CBRE have developed a successful programme for such situations that has delivered some very positive results for a number of high profile blue chip organisations across Europe. Kam will share CBRE’s experiences of getting such programmes up and running including the importance of the tracking, stakeholder engagement and reporting.

Speaker: Kam Singh, Director of Energy, CBRE

Post-Brexit: Market madness

Brook Green Supply will be providing an agile and data driven approach into future market movements post-Brexit. When should your business be looking to buy and what are the key derivatives that will impact the pricing? Brook Green Supply offers live, complex energy pricing including power, gas, carbon and oil, as well as risk management and wholesale expertise.

Hiro Flash is the firm’s commodity pricing portal that shows live and historical pricing from a suite of commodity contracts, as well as notes of interest and market reporting. The group is FCA accredited.

Speaker: Christian Coles, Head of Trading, Brook Green Supply

Achieving Carbon Zero

Pressure is mounting on businesses to make the transition to zero carbon. But the road to carbon neutrality can be a rocky one, with many obstacles in the way. Achieving zero-carbon status requires a coordinated, determined approach from every area of a business, covering every aspect of its operations. This session will talk about what big challenges businesses may face on the road to zero carbon and look at a methodology that can help to overcome these challenges.

Speaker: Richard Sulley, Senior Energy & Sustainability Manager, ENGIE

Smart Energy Network Demonstrator at Keele University

Affordable energy and clean growth are one of the key pillars of industrial strategy of the UK Government, and smart energy is recognised as a major opportunity for the UK. The aim is to address the so-called Energy Trilemma: reduced costs to consumers, enhanced energy security and enabling the integration of low carbon technologies. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT (Internet of Things) are recognised as key enabling technologies in realising the smart energy vision; making our energy systems more flexible and reliable. In this talk Zhong will discuss some of the research challenges in applying IoT and AI to smart energy networks and present some of their recent work in this area. He will also introduce an exciting project called SEND (Smart Energy Network Demonstrator) at Keele University.

Speaker: Zhong Fan, Professor and Academic Director of SEND, Keele University

Landlord & tenant partnerships: how to drive solar PV investments for mutual benefit.

Working as an Energy Manager in 2016, Haydn signed one of the early private wire Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPAs) on a leasehold retail asset. The project brought together three key parties: the landlord, the tenant and the infrastructure funders. Whilst PPAs have become increasingly popular, the volume of direct wire roof mounted PPA schemes on leasehold properties remains small.

Haydn’s mission is to advocate the installation of more roof mounted solar PV on leasehold assets. As a result, GAIA’s ‘Project Horizon’ is bringing together landlords, tenants and funders to break the market impasse and accelerate renewable energy investments providing a win-win-win solution.

This session will talk about the challenges in making contracts like this happen and the steps to take to overcome them.

Speaker: Haydn Young, Energy Management Expert, GAIA

The road to decarbonisation – do the numbers for on-site generation still stack up in a post-TCR world?

For many industrial energy users, Ofgem’s proposed Targeted Charging Review (TCR) has made them question the benefits and financial case for on-site generation.  However, against a backdrop of net zero, large companies will undoubtedly need to be part of the solution to decarbonise energy by 2050.  While the return on energy projects is often measured in direct financial savings, there is an additional commercial benefit in raised CSR credentials – something that is likely to increase in as the climate change agenda and policy becomes more defined.

So, what are the ‘sweet spots’ and measures organisations can take to decarbonise now?  What are the options for funding when there are competing priorities for capital expenditure?  And what will be the true impact of policies including TCR?

Speakers: Mark Tarry, CFO & Stuart Reid Managing Director (Projects), AMP Clean Energy

Managing your energy costs this winter

Strategic Account Manager, Mark Cox, the voice of our quarterly non-commodity cost webinars, will be bringing SmartestEnergy’s latest price forecasts to the Energy Live Expo, providing the insight you need to identify wholesale price opportunities and manage your energy costs this winter.

Mark will be sharing our projections for wholesale prices, system and network charges, low-carbon subsidies, taxes and other support levies. He will also be highlighting the cost saving opportunities for businesses that can offer flexibility.

With ambitious targets to be net-zero carbon by 2050 and decentralisation changing the way we use and generate energy, businesses have more opportunities than ever before as we transition to a smarter energy system.

Speaker: Mark Cox, Strategic Account Manager, SmartestEnergy

The road to 2050 – a journey with our customers

The government’s commitment to net-zero by 2050 has implications for us, both as businesses and consumers. Here, Paul Miller, Head of Strategic Sales for Haven Power, discusses how the business and its parent company Drax, are learning, alongside their customers on how to achieve this ambitious target.

Speaker: Paul Miller, Head of Technical Sales, Haven Power

The business case for climate action

Join SSE’s Chief Sustainability Officer and Telefónica UK’s Energy and Sustainability Manager to find out how to build a business case for climate action. At a time when climate change has become a global emergency and there is an increasing need for businesses to transform their approach, find out how Telefónica has embedded sustainability into its business operations.

Speakers: Rachel McEwen, Chief Sustainability Officer, SSE & Vijay Chouhan, Energy and Sustainability Manager, Telefónica UK

Sustainable growth starts with smart

In today’s business climate, growth at all costs is no longer an option. Modern consumers expect more from businesses. And if you want to achieve sustainable growth, you must recognise your wider responsibilities: to your people, to the environment and society at large.

John Abbott, SSE Business Energy’s Smart Programme Director, will explain how smart metering technology can help businesses become more energy efficient. Which in turn can increase productivity, attract new customers and reduce their carbon footprint.

Speaker: John Abbott, Smart Programme Director, SSE Business Energy

More content sessions coming soon!

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