D-day for CRC participants

CRC deadline day has arrived. In just a few hours the registration period for those companies that should be in the scheme will close. At the time of writing, the Environment Agency confirmed to ELN that the registered tally stands at 2,731, with another 400 firms in the process of completing their paperwork. For these […]

Cameron ranks Whitehall departments in energy league table

The government’s ministries are going head-head in a showdown from tomorrow to see which is the most energy efficient. An online league table will run daily to show the championship contenders and those in the relegation zone. The energy face-off was launched today by Prime Minister David Cameron. “In May I called for real action […]

An ill wind for renewables

Renewables provided the UK with less electricity in the second quarter of this year than in the corresponding period of 2009. And the UK’s energy production between April and June was lower than it was in 2009, while the country’s consumption went up. Figures released today by the Department of Energy and Climate Change show […]

Ofgem pulls plug on no-notice price hikes

Energy regulator Ofgem has today unveiled plans to up-end the way energy firms introduce price increases, putting power back in the hands of consumers. At the moment, companies have up to 65 days in which to notify consumers after they have put up energy prices. Consumers then have 20 days to switch supplier if they […]

Act now, EA urges CRC stragglers

With just over 24 hours left until the deadline for the CRC scheme, the Environment Agency is stressing it is still not too late for companies to take action and avoid late registration fines. So far almost 2,700 organisations have filed details with the EA, with several hundred in the process of registering. But that […]

UK consumers are ‘subsidising’ European wind companies

UK consumers are subsidising Danish and German wind energy companies, according to a report by the UK Energy Research Centre. The study states that while the UK has ambitions to maintain its position as a world-leading player in offshore wind, it is importing 80% of equipment and services from abroad. The report’s chief author, Dr […]

Swimmers stall Stena drillship

Greenpeace campaigners continue to prevent a Chevron ship from drilling for oil. The protest began last week when two activists climbed the anchor chain of the Stena Carron to prevent it from sailing into the Atlantic. After two days hanging from the chain in a ‘pod’, they abandoned their occupation following a court order, but […]

Miliband: climate change can’t be solved by ‘X-Factor politics’

Ed Miliband used his first speech as Labour Party leader to underline his commitment to fighting climate change. The former energy and environment secretary said: “The focus groups will tell you that there’s no votes in green issues. Maybe not. But taking the difficult steps to protect our planet for future generations is the greatest […]

British Gas in £11m acquisition

British Gas today bought the gas and electricity arms of Connaught Compliance for £11.2m. The deal will see British Gas Business acquire Connaught’s 600 strong workforce, including around 400 gas and electricity engineers who specialise in the installation, service and maintenance of commercial gas boilers and electrical systems. The takeover also comprises 20,000 customer contracts, […]

Nuclear ‘no subsidy’ stance won’t work says academic

Steve Thomas, professor of energy studies at Greenwich University, claims that the coalition government’s policy of offering no subsidies “will either lead to no new nuclear plants being built, or a humiliating climb-down if government wants new nuclear at any cost”. Writing in a special Labour conference edition of Parliament’s weekly magazine The House, Prof […]