Cable to answer questions on Green Bank

Vince Cable will be giving evidence to the Environment Audit Committee this Wednesday about the Green Investment Bank. The Business Secretary will be answering questions from MPs and giving oral evidence a fortnight after the same committee heard from suppliers. Two weeks ago representatives from Scottish Power and EDF told the committee the GIB would […]

Editor’s View – 28th January 2011

Editor’s View with Sumit Bose

Vandals behind electricity substation blast

Electricity supply company Central Networks has revealed that its investigators believe vandals were to blame for an explosion at a Nottingham substation that caused thousands of pounds of damage and the loss of supply to over 1,000 customers. Some local people had to be evacuated after the explosion at the substation in Papplewick, near Hucknall, […]

Smog lifts on a greener Los Angeles

Think of Los Angeles and one of the first things that comes to mind is the smog that famously has hung over the city’s skyline. But the ‘city of angels’ is changing its polluting ways: last year it harnessed almost 20% of its electricity from renewable sources. And now the LA Metro has replaced its […]

Leading consultant warns of price tsunami

Many of us may struggle to afford energy in the coming years due to a sharp increase in the price of energy. These were the words of Bobby Collinson, the Managing Director of Power Efficiency, an energy consultancy. Mr Collinson told ELN: “I see prices actually coming together as a perfect storm in the next […]

Huhne welcomes new solar jobs

Secretary of State Chris Huhne has welcomed last weeks decision by Sharp to increase their workforce: “This is excellent news for the solar industry and for Sharp, which shows that green growth is a vital part of our economic recovery. Since Feed In Tariffs began, the scheme has stimulated a market in solar panels which […]

Australian floods push up price of coal globally

The recent floods in Australia will affect the global energy market as Queensland’s coal exports are severely reduced. This is likely to lead to much higher global prices in 2011, according to the PA Consulting Group. Australia is the world’s largest exporter of thermal and coking coal, which means the global market will suffer as […]

Egypt trouble affects oil price

Investment bankers, Renaissance Capital, are claiming that political instability in North Eastern Africa is having a disruptive effect on the price of crude oil. The West Texas Intermediate closed at 4.3% on 28 January. Although Egypt’s share of global oil and gas production is only 1% and 2% respectively, Renaissance claim the biggest risk is […]

OnStream’s meters mop up prizes

Onstream, a partner of smart grid specialists Sentec, has won both the Metering Manufacturer & Technology of the Year and the Innovation of the Year prizes at the European Smart Metering Awards. Keith Hawkins, Strategy and Smart Development Manager for OnStream, said: “With the national roll-out of smart meters in the UK due to commence […]

Record-breaking well drilled

A subsidiary company of ExxonMobil has announced the successful drilling of the world’s longest extended-reach well at the Odoptu field, 5miles off the coast of Eastern Russia. The company, Exxon Neftegas Limited, built the Odoptu OP-11 well in just 60 days, reaching a total depth of 7.67 miles to set a world record for extended-reach […]