Leading scientist says we can recreate fuel using synthetic biology

A leading scientist at Berkeley has said that the advances in synthetic biology could lead to the replacement of transport fuels using natural, organic produce. The professor, who has achieved world-wide fame for his combating malaria said: “We’ve shown we can use yeast and E.coli bacteria to take in sugar and transform it into valuable […]

UK workers in Libya are at risk

The troubles in North Africa have led insurers to warn contractors based in such volatile areas that they face significant financial losses if not adequately covered. As the turmoil in Libya spirals even further out of control, more and more Western contractors and fuel companies are coming under fire for their reliance on the UK […]

Environmental skills academies launched

A nationwide network of training for renewable skills has been given the green light by the Government. The National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies will provide training in the design, installation and maintenance of technologies such as solar thermal, photovoltaics, heat pumps and and recycling. John Hayes, Skills Minister. said: “By giving the industries that […]

Grab energy deals now, businesses told

Businesses have been urged to lock down their energy prices in response to increasing oil prices. Andrew Diplock at Welsh energy consultancy UES issued this advice: “The wave of serious unrest in the Middle East and North Africa – a major oil producing region – is driving up the price of crude oil on the […]

Cuts hit renewable investment

A report released today has shown that some countries and technologies are finding current economic conditions extremely challenging and it could have a negative impact upon the future of UK renewables. Despite investment in new technologies hitting record levels, Ernst & Young’s latest global Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Indices will send a warning to the […]

New research turns wind power on its head

Vertical axis offshore wind turbines could provide a cheap alternative to conventional horizontal turbines. These are the new findings of a £2.8m Nova project, which was commissioned by the Energy Technologies Institute. ETI Chief Executive Dr David Clarke said: “There are benefits in terms of the design of the turbines and accessibility at sea which […]

Energy savings from a lick of paint?

A special coating put onto heat exchangers in appliances like chillers and air conditioning units could save energy and reduce businesses’ carbon footprint. Using the anti-corrosion coating could reduce energy bills, lower carbon footprints, and extend the lifetime of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) coils, claims Blygold UK. The company’s research suggests that coatings […]

Oil prices spike over Middle East fears

Unrest in the Middle East is the reason for the current oil price spike, says EnergyQuote JHA analyst Andrew Hill. Mr Hill told ELN: “The political unrest in Libya, and other countries such as Tunisia, Egypt and Bahrain, is undoubtedly the major cause of the current price spike. Fears that the political unrest will lead […]

Oil price tops records

Oil prices stood at $111.01 a barrel yesterday after nearly hitting $120 a barrel, a two-year high, said the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. This price, for an OPEC basket of twelve crudes, represents a sharp increase on the previous day’s $105.88. Prices have been unsettled across the board, with reports that in London […]

Homeowners will lose out to big solar projects says DECC

Homeowners will lose out if too many large solar projects claim FiTs funding, according to Chris Huhne. The Energy Secretary has warned that a rapid expansion of solar projects in the South West could lead to ‘boom and bust”. In an article in Western Morning News and Western Daily Press, he said: “If we let […]