Blog: Getting on board the Green Deal – or not?

So the Green Deal was officially launched by the Government this week but a few questions seem to be lingering on everyone’s mind. Is it a good scheme? Does it do what it says on the tin? And most importantly, is it cost effective? With numerous headlines about the energy efficiency scheme, I’m sure most […]

Carbon capture network links world’s researchers for first time

Eight of the world’s largest test centres for carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology are forming the first ever international CCS network, it was announced today. The test centres are joining forces to try and catapult the technology so it can be brought to commercial markets. CCS traps the carbon from power stations’ greenhouse gas […]

New inquiry to look at future UK energy supply

A new independent inquiry to investigate the future of electricity supply in the UK was launched yesterday. The ‘Future Electricity Series’ is a three-phase nine-month research, which will explore the three “pillars” of electricity supply – fossil fuels, renewables and nuclear – and what role they can play in meeting the Government’s objectives of providing […]

Editorial – bury me with my….

Nuclear waste. No one wants it but we need to stick it somewhere and yesterday the good people of Cumbria or more accurately their councillors said NO. Funny that. You could say it’s a no brainer, after all who wants nuclear waste buried at the bottom of the garden? But actually the decision in Cumbria […]

Decline in power deals in 2012 but ‘robust outlook’ ahead

The value of deals within the power and utility sector decreased by 16.8% in 2012 due to continued low natural gas prices and global economic uncertainty. A quarterly report from Ernst & Young (E&Y) showed the values of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the sector declined from $144.7 billion (£91.5bn) in 2011 to $120.4 billion […]

From Zero to Hero – npower’s customer satisfaction pledge

The new head of energy firm npower has pledged his firm would rocket up the customer satisfaction table from last to first place. The supplier’s performance with customers appeared to wobble recently when it was voted the bottom of a league table ranking the UK’s energy providers by consumer group Which?. Now Paul Massara (pictured),  […]

Cumbria rejects nuclear waste storage plan

Plans for the construction of a £12 billion underground nuclear waste disposal system in Cumbria have been rejected. Cumbria County Council withdrew from the process of finding a host community to build the facility. The Cabinet voted against the decision after considering “all the evidence and opinions” put forward during the ‘Managing Radioactive Waste Safely’ […]

New awards launched for energy consultants

Today ELN has launched a brand new awards for the energy consultancy sector. We hope they will become the benchmark for consultancy market and set the gold standard for best practice and transparency. ELN has made its name by being independent and speaking to all sectors of the energy industry. Over the years we have […]

Wind turbine collapses

A wind turbine in North Devon collapsed after a strong gust of wind. Welsh renewable firm Dulas installed the turbine, which was supposed to have a life expectancy of 25 years. The company said no one was injured and it is still looking into the main cause of the incident. A spokesperson said in a […]

UK drivers ‘bitterly disappointed’ by road fuel report

Consumers in the UK will be “bitterly disappointed” that the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) will not be launching a full-scale review of petrol and diesel pricing in the UK. That’s the view of fuel poverty campaigners and those in the automotive industry, which follows new evidence suggesting there are no problems with competition in […]