EU Shales Gas Conference 2013

Large-scale extraction of shale gas in North America and Canada has resulted in considerable changes on the market of natural gas. A real worldwide unconventional gas revolution is a fact! The production of shale gas in the USA has contributed significantly to shifts in perception, prices and investment decisions. It has lead to an increasing […]

“Emotional” day as Kingsnorth coal plant officially closes

It was a sad and even emotional day for many workers at the Kingsnorth coal plant in Kent which officially closed today. After forty years of generating electricity, the 2,000MW plant – which pumped 1,940MW of that to the grid – has begun a two year-long decommissioning process which could lead to demolition. Energy supplier […]

Michael Fallon an ‘effective and no-nonsense’ Minister

The energy industry has welcomed the newly appointed Energy Minister, referring to him as “effective and no-nonsense” and one who will work towards a green and low carbon economy. Those are some of the views from industry groups following Prime Minister David Cameron’s announcement today of replacing John Hayes with Michael Fallon (pictured) as Energy […]

Michael Fallon to replace John Hayes as Energy Minister

Conservative MP Michael Fallon (pictured) is set to replace John Hayes as the Energy Minister in what is believed to be part of a mini reshuffle by David Cameron. Mr Hayes, who was appointed in September last year following the departure of the previous Energy Minister Charles Hendry, will become a political and parliamentary adviser […]

Ofgem to manage code of practice for energy comparison sites

Ofgem has now taken over management of a code of practice used by energy price comparison websites for households. Managed by Consumer Focus since 2008, the Confidence Code ensures that websites accredited through the code have to make sure that prices they quote for energy deals and information given about the offers are done in […]

Energy and climate policies to blame for price hikes

The Government has claimed that energy price hikes are due to increases in global price of gas but its latest report suggests the rise is “almost entirely” due to energy and climate policies. That’s the view of the Energy Intensive Users Group, which notes that the effect of the Government’s climate policies and proposed compensation […]

Centrica’s £16.4m for pay and bonuses ‘obscene’

The union for energy workers have condemned the payouts to Centrica’s bosses’ and slammed it as “obscene” as five executives got a total of £16.4 million in pay and bonuses last year. The figure is from its Annual Reports and Accounts for 2012, which also showed British Gas made £606 million in profits last year […]

GE Wind knocks Vestas off its wind perch

Danish manufacturer Vestas has been knocked off its perch as top wind turbine supplier for first time in 13 years. American firm GE Wind snatched the No 1 spot in the rankings after coming in third the year before. The United States became the world’s top wind power market with the “strongest” yearly performance yet, […]

More cars on road but drivers buying less fuel

Drivers are buying less fuel despite the fact more cars are on the road, a new survey has revealed. Although there are more registered UK vehicles on the road than ever, total fuel sales dropped 6% since 2002. Drivers bought a total of 35.35million tonnes of fuel in 2012, down from 35.61m tonnes in 2011. […]

Humber Ports £100m revamp to boost Drax biomass

Three ports in the Humber region which will supply woodchips for Drax’s new biomass plant are splashing out £100million to cope with the new fuel source. The tide of new investment will see the Ports of Hull, Goole and Immingham upgraded to handle millions of tonnes of wood pellet shipments, the Associated British Ports (ABP) […]