Editorial – A much better life of TPI awaits….

The “Life of TPI” was one of the parody posters we created for  TELCA night last week. It was a cracking evening by the way and a huge thanks from […]

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By Sumit Bose

The “Life of TPI” was one of the parody posters we created for  TELCA night last week. It was a cracking evening by the way and a huge thanks from Geoff, myself and the rest of the ELN team for your amazing compliments.

But I digress, back to our poster. If you’ve not seen the film it is the story of a surreal voyage taken by a young Indian lad who survives a shipwreck by escaping on a life boat.

But that’s just the start of his worries, he has to share his floating home with a temperamental tiger, battle through fierce storms and fight off a flesh eating island before reaching safety. It is supposed to traverse the line between fact and fiction, was the tiger really there or was it some form of symbolism? How dangerous is the world really around you? Is the journey more important than the destination?

All very thought provoking angst ridden stuff and I have to say it was a good choice for this sector.

The world of a TPI is somewhat similar. Are they really the innocents trying to navigate the energy seas with the snarling suppliers on their boat? Or is the young lad the business customer caught between the tempest of suppliers and a hungry broker in stripes?

Ok it brings a smile to the face but whichever way you paint it the TPI or broker has been seen in a murky light. On Thursday all that changed. Our awards night was a real statement that we at ELN believe there is a good story to tell when it comes to consultants.

The TELCAs were set up to find the best consultants in the sector. We had blind shortlisting by energy users and then an independent judging panel of some of the biggest names in the industry choose between the finalists. We were thorough and independent and the winners were judged by what they said and the evidence of good practice they produced.

It was great to see the awards taken seriously by the sector and the winners were truly proud of their accolade. Similarly those who missed out were truly gutted, that’s a good sign. It means they care and they should. The day after TELCA night Ofgem launched a consultation into the TPI sector. It will last for two months and aim to clear up the reputation of consultants and perhaps even end with some form of regulatory framework.

It looks like our timing couldn’t have been better. The consultant sector is vital for the future of our energy market, Government even recognises that. TELCA is the first step towards changing the image of consultants. Yes there will be bad examples and we will of course report on poor practice but overall the sector that for so long has hidden in the shadows can now come deservedly out into the light.

Yes, it really is time to celebrate the life of TPI….