Join us on the first ever ELN Power Ride!

Here at ELN towers you know we like a challenge. So we’ve decided it’s time to show just how energy efficient we are… by using pedal power to go around […]

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By Sumit Bose

Here at ELN towers you know we like a challenge. So we’ve decided it’s time to show just how energy efficient we are… by using pedal power to go around the country and visit as many different kinds of power station along the way.

Our plan is to ride from Tate Modern at Bankside in London to the country’s biggest power station, Drax in Yorkshire in SEVEN days between June 26 to July 2. We’ll visit a solar farm, an offshore wind farm, coal and gas power plants along the way and you can join us at anytime.

Why bother? Three reasons.

Firstly, we believe the energy sector is great. Reporting on it and meeting the people working on it over the past four years has confirmed energy has a lot of POSITIVE things that are often ignored.  ELN is proud of the work we do and sector we cover, so we want to show the wider public that there’s more to energy than fat cats and huge bills.

Secondly, we’re raising money for Parkinson’s UK. My dad suffered with the disease for a decade before passing away in 2003. It’s one of the most odious illnesses that affects not only the sufferer but everyone around them. Not enough coverage is given to this slow killer and so we aim to raise awareness and money to help fund research to try and find a way to stop other lives being devastated by this condition. Our target is to raise £10k all of which will go directly to help those in need.

And finally, we’re middle aged and being on two wheels is about the most fun we can get up to these days!

Seriously, what better way to see the country than on a bike and as we’re not aiming to break any Tour de France records, we hope anyone in the sector who owns a bike might like to join us.

Here’s our provisional route:


We’re hoping the energy companies who own the power stations involved will help us with a cheer and perhaps a cuppa. Our route passes by lots of different kinds of power station but if you know of some kind of generation you think we’d be interested in seeing, drop us a line and we’ll see if we can pop by.

Of course we’ll be filming our progress to give you a daily report of what’s happening and try and drum up some local coverage along the way.

Please donate what you can to help us reach our £10k target. If you’re a company and would be able to donate £500 we will put your logo on our cycle jerseys. Thanks to those who have already helped us so far.

We’re also looking for support along the way so anything from inner tubes, handy mechanics, power shakes to a simple wave will do. Please come and join us on a leg as we pass by your neck of the woods, we won’t be riding fast so don’t be scared to get into some lycra!

If you want to get involved in anyway, or want to ride then email us and let us know what you’d like to do or what leg you’d like to ride and we can send you details.

We hope to run a much bigger event next year with wider industry involvement but for now we hope you’ll show your support for what we think is a good cause all round!