What a Power Ride! The Roll of Honour (and a big thank you)

Well, it has been a couple of weeks since I got off the bike and the Power Ride and to say I have missed it is an understatement….. so, planning […]

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By ELN reporter

Well, it has been a couple of weeks since I got off the bike and the Power Ride and to say I have missed it is an understatement….. so, planning next year already and open to any suggestions you may want to send me to [email protected]

Now for this year, I have a list of people I must thank. In no particular order, here are all those people…

All our sponsors, large (Haven Power, Drax, Love Energy Savings, The Energy Brokers Ltd, EY, Schneider Electric, Select Energy, BIU, British Gas, CNG, E.ON and PwC) and small. Thank you so much.

Even though he only did one and a half days, Sumit (my business partner and our esteemed – ! – editor) must be thanked for getting me on the road and doing the training that got me round. And a big thank you to Paul and The Bicycle Maintenance Company for giving my retro bike a beautiful makeover.

Parkinson’s UK for organising our send off in London (particularly Lizzi and Sandra) and for getting Dave Clark, Sky Sports presenter, there…. and obviously Dave who suffers from Parkinson’s being there and giving us such encouragement.

On the first day, we bumped into our first reporter, now Editor at Power Engineering International, Kelvin Ross and we must thank him for having a beer with us and for getting us to visit his small town, Gamlingay with its Eco Hub and community wind turbine.

On the second day, I must thank CUB UK and the crew there for food, tea and a warm welcome, I needed it. And to the Oliver Cromwell Hotel for a comfortable stay and a solar panelled roof. And for pointing out the prison wind turbine!

On the third day, my worst, I have to thank Amanda and Nancy for being my goal and meeting me at Wells. Food, drink and love made me forget the long ride.

On the fourth day, Charlie and Marie of The Beeches Bed & Breakfast for being lovely, green and a great interview. If you need to stay in Spalding, this is the place.

On the fifth day, Jan and Barry of The Old School for a lovely stay and pointing us to the local pub, which was hilarious fun.

On the sixth day, EDF Energy for letting us access not just one power station but two. In particular, a big up to the security team who were very professional and friendly.

On the last day, Drax for being my rather massive end target and to Paul Taylor for giving us a great interview. Also, to the team at Haven Power for my Recovery Kit present, Anusol has never looked so cool!

And finally, my biggest thanks has to be for Simon, who was my rock and cameraman on the whole seven days…..mate, it was emotional.

Geoff Curran is co-founder of ELN, he took off on the seven day Power Ride to raise money for Parkinson’s UK – and you can still donate here on Justgiving. If you want to join next year’s no doubt epic ride, please get in touch.