Automotive firms team up on hybrid battery tech

A new joint venture aims to allow an automotive company to source battery units for its hybrid cars from a single source

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An automotive company and a Chinese battery manufacturer have entered a joint venture to develop 48-volt battery systems for hybrid vehicles.

Continental and Sichuan Chengfei Integration Technology (CITC) hold 60% and 40% of the partnership’s shares respectively.

The deal will allow Continental to get its 48-volt systems from a single source.

It claims the technology enables a reduction in average consumption and emissions in real driving situations by up to 21% in gasoline engines and by up to 9% in diesels, as well as cutting nitrogen oxide emissions.

Mr. Xiaoqing Shi, Board Chairman and General Manager of CITC, said: “Continental and CITC are engaging in providing energy saving and carbon emission reduction battery system solutions to meet the demand of global consumers in energy efficient vehicles.”

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