Green light for Swindon Council’s battery storage project

Council-owned Public Power Solutions plans to build a battery with a capacity of up to 50MW

Big Zero Report 2022

Planning permission has been granted for an energy storage project in Swindon.

Public Power Solutions, a wholly-owned company of Swindon Borough Council, plans to build a battery with up to 50MW of capacity and a grid connection via a substation at Toothill.

The project is designed to have a 30-year lifespan and will offer a long term land rental income for the council.

Steve Cains, Head of Power Solutions at PPS said: “Local authorities are in a unique position to benefit from the growing demand for electricity storage, with diverse property portfolios and high energy consumption.

“We’re making it work at home here in Swindon but this project could be replicated in many other parts of the country, helping generate an income for the cash-strapped public sector.”

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