All aboard for energy efficiency with Network Rail

New staff incentivisation aims to help slash the track operator’s carbon footprint

Network Rail is trialling a new blockchain-based platform to financially incentivise its staff for adopting energy efficient behaviours.

In partnership with the Energy Managers Association (EMA), the UK’s rail network operator is using Energi Mine’s platform for rewarding people and businesses when they reduce their carbon footprint.

The energy-saving incentives take the form of a digital EnergiToken (ETK), which can be redeemed through a smartphone app and used to pay for energy bills and electric vehicle recharging or be exchanged into cash.

Wendi Wheeler, Chair of the EMA and Energy and Carbon Strategy Manager at Network Rail, said: “A company’s staff is one of the greatest untapped energy efficiency opportunities.

“Unlocking that potential to realise energy savings – and sustaining those savings – is often something that companies struggle to achieve.”

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