Going green is a shore thing at the Port of Genoa

A new electrical supply system will enable docked vessels to plug in to the national grid

An industrial equipment manufacturer has won an emissions-saving contract to supply shore-to-ship power to the docks of Genoa Port.

Worth €8 million (£7m), the agreement will see Nidec ASI design and construct an advanced electrical supply system enabling docked vessels to plug in to the national grid.

This will allow them to access all the energy they need to be fully operational without having to switch on their on-board engines or diesel generators and so is expected to reduce emissions and noise pollution.

The project responds to the need to comply with the directives of the EU which, since 2003, has urged ports to adopt shore-to-ship systems in order to reduce the polluting emissions of vessels in port.

By 2025 this recommendation will become binding for all European ports.

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