Smart thermostat usage hots up across 1.5m UK homes

Around 500,000 new customers installed smart thermostats last year alone

Big Zero Report 2022

As many as 1.5 million homes across the UK now have smart thermostats.

That’s according to research and consultancy firm Delta-ee, which says the growing consumer acceptance of connected technologies saw around 500,000 new customers install smart thermostats last year alone.

It expects the yearly rate of adoption to reach nearly one million by 2020, despite remaining barriers such as high price points and low installer engagement.

The company says connected home devices ultimately allow users to enjoy higher comfort and better control while potentially reducing consumption.

Arthur Jouannic, Leading Connected Home Expert at Delta-ee, said: “The market clearly benefits from the rise of the Amazon and Google connected speakers, estimated to be in over 1.5 million UK households.

“These devices are almost a gateway technology: users quickly come to understand the value of controlling devices remotely, which used to be a key barrier for connected home devices.”

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