Swedish green bonds slash 515,000 tonnes of emissions

This is roughly the equivalent of approximately 350,000 cars

Pathway to COP26 report

Green bonds supported by the Swedish Local Government Funding Agency have reduced annual carbon dioxide emissions by around 515,000 tonnes.

Around 150 sustainable investment projects financed by the Kommuninvest body helped reduce the country’s greenhouse gas footprint by the equivalent of approximately 350,000 cars.

An investment totalling £2.2 billion resulted in 2.1TWh of annual renewable energy generation capacity, as well as making significant energy savings from green buildings, energy efficiency measures, clean transport and improved water and wastewater management.

Among the green projects financed are a new surgery center at the main hospital in Karlstad, the Ängen wastewater treatment facility in Lidköping, the ecological residential district Aspö Ekologi in Skövde and the Wisby high school premises on the island of Gotland.

Tomas Werngren, President and CEO of Kommuninvest, said: “The opportunity for institutional investors and other stakeholders to receive information about funded projects and their expected environmental benefits are key in order to provide the end-investor, like a pension saver, with relevant information about his/hers savings.

“At a time when increasing emphasis is placed on the climate impact of mutual funds and pension funds, this is important.”

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