UK consults on interoperability of first generation smart meters

Currently, consumers may lose the smart services provided by the technology when they switch to a different supplier

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The UK Government is seeking views on proposals to require energy suppliers to maintain smart services when consumers using first generation smart meters switch firms.

A number of energy companies are currently installing SMETS1 smart meters, using their own data and communications systems to provide smart services.

However, consumers may lose the smart services when to switch to a different supplier.

The Data Communications Company (DCC) is expected to resolve the issue but energy firms are currently not required to make use of a DCC SMETS1 service.

The government is therefore consulting on proposals to require companies to enrol SMETS1 meters in the DCC or replace them with SMETS2 meters within a specified timeframe.

Following the point this obligation would apply, should a supplier acquire an eligible SMETS1 meter following change of supplier and the meter is not enrolled, the new supplier would be required to take “all reasonable steps” to enrol the meter or replace it with a SMETS2 meter within six months.

As a backstop, suppliers would be required to replace any SMETS2 meter which is not enrolled in the DCC with a SMETS2 meter by 2020.

The consultation is open until 24th May 2018.

Utilita Energy has filed for a judicial review into the end date for the installation of smart meters for Pay As You Go (PAYG) customers.

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