Energy giants and investors urge close EU-UK ties after Brexit

Brexit Secretary David Davis MP is being urged to develop a “comprehensive Climate and Energy Chapter” covering both trade and non-trade issues

Big Zero Report 2022

The heads of energy giants and investors across Europe are urging the UK and EU to maintain close ties following Brexit.

A letter calling on the UK and EU to also work closely towards meeting the Paris climate goals has been signed by companies including Energy UK, Drax, EDF, E.ON, SSE, Energy Networks Association and innogy.

They have written to Brexit Secretary David Davis MP and Michel Barnier, European Chief Negotiator, urging them to develop a “comprehensive Climate and Energy Chapter” that covers both trade and non-trade issues.

Other firms include Aviva, WindEurope, The Prince of Wales Corporate Leaders Group, IIGCC and Anglian Water.

The letter adds: “The integration of energy markets and climate policies across Europe has enhanced energy and climate security and reduced energy bills in the UK and the EU 27. The Brexit negotiations should aim to ensure that these benefits continue in the future.

“We welcome the intention for prioritisation of security and defence in the negotiations and also urge you to expand this commitment to combatting climate change. This will help to ensure our climate and energy security is protected, it will foster innovation and economic growth and it will help ensure the EU and UK remain leaders in the global battle against climate change.”

A DExEU spokesman said: “As the PM has said, tackling climate change and mitigating its effects for the world’s poorest are amongst the most critical challenges the world faces.

“We have received a letter from E3G and this will be responded to in due course. Energy and climate policy are subject to the future economic partnership negotiations but Brexit will in no way diminish our commitments to tackling the challenges climate change presents.”

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