Water Plus unveils new gas and power services

It says customers can save up to £400 by switching to the new service

Big Zero Report 2022

Water Plus has launched its new electricity and gas business in the UK.

It says business customers can save up to £400 by switching to the new service and added it will allow them to source all of their utilities from a single location.

The firm says its online portal will allow gas, power and water usage to be managed simultaneously, as well as make it possible to quickly submit meter readings, view bills and make payments.

Businesses don’t have to be one of the company’s water customers to get gas and electricity services from the new provider.

A spokesperson for the company said: “So why should you come to Water Plus Energy? Well, the price of our energy services are some of the most competitive on the market – and, as you’d expect, there are savings you can make from getting your water and energy services from the same retailer.

“Perhaps best of all, more businesses already trust Water Plus to deliver their water services than anyone else. And that’s because they know we have such a refreshing approach to customer service.”

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