‘UK going ahead with Hinkley Point C is positive sign for global nuclear industry’

Andrey Rozhdestvin, CEO of ROSATOM France, said the UK’s decision to go nuclear had a significant global impact

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The UK going ahead with Hinkley Point C is a positive sign for the entire nuclear industry around the world.

That’s according to Andrey Rozhdestvin, CEO of ROSATOM France, who spoke to ELN about how the UK’s position as “one of the most developed technological countries” meant its decision to go ahead with the controversial form of low carbon generation had a significant global impact.

The company’s CEO suggested he was very positive about the nuclear picture in the UK, adding all nuclear players around the world have to contribute and collaborate to make the global industry a success.

He added current political issues need not affect this international teamwork.

Mr Rozhdestvin said: “We work together very intensively as well – we supply some fuel, we supply some uranium product to the UK and the co-operation is going on. Scientific forces will unite in order to solve all the difficulties we may have and we may face in the future,”

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