Consumers switching power suppliers hit half a million in April

The total number of switches this year stand at just under 1.8 million so far

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Nearly half a million customers switched electricity suppliers last month.

That’s a 4% increase from March, bringing the total number of switches to just under 1.8 million so far this year.

Nearly a quarter (23%) of customers moved from the Big Six companies to small and medium sized suppliers.

Last year, a record 5.5 million customers switched to different energy companies.

Lawrence Slade, Chief Executive of Energy UK said: “Almost two million customers have already switched suppliers this year. Calling your supplier – or having a look online to see if you’re on the best deal – is one of the quickest ways going to potentially save yourself hundreds of pounds a year.”

The Energy Switch Guarantee, a voluntary industry initiative to provide consumer confidence in switching, found nine in 10 customers are happy with the process.

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