SEAT cuts environmental footprint by 35.5%

The automotive giant has insatlled one of Europe’s largest solar arrays at its Martorell facility in Spain

Car manufacturer SEAT said it has reduced its environmental footprint by 35.5% in the last seven years.

Its Martorell facility in Spain has one of the largest solar plant in Europe’s automotive industry, with a total of 53,000 panels covering an area equivalent to 40 football fields and generating 17 million kWh of electricity a year.

The company added it met its target to cut its environmental impact by 25% between 2011 and 2018 two years early and is now aiming for a 50% reduction by 2025.

It invested around €6 million (£5.2m) in sustainability projects last year and claims to use around half as much energy to produce a vehicle compared with the sector average in the region.

Among the most recent projects is a pavement claimed to reduce pollution by 40%.

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