Blackpool Council granted water self-supply licence

It hopes to reduce costs through monitoring and cutting water consumption

Big Zero Report 2022

Blackpool Council has become the first public body to be granted a self-supply licence for the water retail market.

Self-supply licences offer eligible businesses and organisations the opportunity to manage their own water retail services, giving them more control over the service they receive and helping reduce administration costs.

The licence from Ofwat will enable the council to provide its own water and wastewater services to 120 sites.

It hopes to reduce costs through monitoring and cutting the 170,000 cubic metres of water it uses every year.

Cllr Fred Jackson, Cabinet Member Responsible for the Environment at Blackpool Council said: “This is an exciting initiative and we are looking forward to the opportunities that a self-supply licence offers us in managing our water usage responsibly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

“There are many benefits such as reducing administration costs and cutting out the margin that goes to others in the supply chain. We will pay the price that retailers pay to the water company which will deliver significant savings.”

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