Irish utility buys 7MWh battery storage site

The Mill Farm site in Lincolnshire, made up of six battery storage containers, was sold by Anesco

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Irish utility ESB has entered the UK’s energy storage market with the purchase of a 7MWh battery unit from Anesco.

The sale, which was made for an undisclosed sum. marks the firm’s first grid-connected project of its kind in the country and builds upon its pipeline of low carbon and smart technologies.

The Mill Farm site in Lincolnshire is made up of six battery storage containers which were installed in around 12 weeks.

It is expected to support National Grid help improve the security and flexibility of the UK’s power supply.

Jim Dollard, Executive Director of ESB Generation and Wholesale Markets, said: “The site will enable us to develop the technical, commercial and regulatory expertise in battery storage and flexible technologies.

“This will help to make electricity systems more stable and reliable, while allowing for enhanced performance and flexibility of our existing and future plant.”

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