New York expands incentives for non-residential solar projects

The redesign is a result of the state’s commitment to support more clean energy community schemes

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New York has expanded an incentive programme to encourage solar developments on landfills, brownfields and affordable housing.

The NY-Sun’s Megawatt Block Programme supports commercial and industrial solar projects.

It will now provide higher financial incentives for development in limited use areas such as rooftop or parking canopies and increases the size of solar projects from 200KW to 750KW.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) announced the upgrade in response to market volatility and in support of the state’s climate target of 50% renewable electricity supply by 2030.

The NY-Sun is Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s $1 billion (£759m) solar energy initiative to make New York sustainable and self-sufficient.

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