The North Face climbs towards circular economy with recycled clothing

The adventuring equipment and outerwear company hopes to cut waste with the new range

Big Zero Report 2022

The North Face has announced it is launching a refurbished and recycled clothing line to cut waste.

The adventuring equipment and outerwear company is trialling a scheme to help develop a more circular economy in the fashion industry.

Its ‘Renewed’ range takes old garments sourced from returns or defective items, which have been cleaned and repaired to the quality of a new piece of clothing and then sells them online at a discount.

It aims to reduce the volume of textiles that end up in landfill sites – currently around 85% of all old clothes end up being thrown away.

The new collection’s pilot phase will last from June until September, when it may be extended.

James Rogers, Director of Sustainability at The North Face, said: “As we address the impacts of our products over their entire lifecycle, recommerce is an important next step in opening new markets and minimising our impact on the planet.

“We are furthering our sustainability goals without sacrificing durability or technical standards. Ultimately, as we work to scale Renewed, we will be proving a larger, circular model for the industry.”

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