US and Israel shake hands over Centre for Excellence in energy

The joint venture will focus on innovation, critical technologies and energy efficiency

Big Zero Report 2022

An agreement to establish the US-Israel Centre of Excellence in Energy, Engineering and Water Technology has been signed.

The US Department of Energy received $4 million (£3m) earlier this year from the Congress for the joint venture, which will be matched by the Israeli government and other private sector partners.

The project aims to raise $16 million (£12m) in total.

It will focus on rapid development and application of crucial technologies such as storage, cybersecurity, energy-water nexus and other areas of energy supply and efficiency.

Other areas of collaboration will include – establishing best practice in academic institutions and programmes, R&D, workforce training and student exchange.

The Centre is part of the Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Energy Programme, launched in 2009, which focuses on renewable energy, energy efficiency, industrial R&D.

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry said: “The partnership between our two countries has long advanced the cause of freedom, dignity and peace and as we are highlighting today, the joint quest for science and innovation.”

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