UK energy industry accounted for 2.9% of GDP in 2017

New government statistics show the sector directly employed around 181,000 people last year

The Big Zero report

The UK’s energy industry accounted for 2.9% of GDP and 9.8% of total investment in 2017.

That’s according to new statistics published today by the UK Government, which show the sector directly employed around 181,000 people, as well as providing an additional 142,000 indirect jobs.

The nation’s final energy consumption fell by 999 thousand tonnes of oil equivalent (ktoe) to 141,175ktoe, a drop of 0.7%.

The government suggests this was primarily due to lower gas consumption in the domestic sector due to warmer average temperatures.

The transport sector accounted for the largest share of final consumption at 40% of all energy, with the domestic sector accounting for 28%, industry 17% and the services sector 15%.

Low carbon sources of electricity accounted for a record 50.1% of power generated in the UK in 2017, up from 45.6% the previous year, marking significant progress in reducing carbon emissions from the production of electricity.

This was made up from nuclear (21%), wind (14.8%), solar (3.4%) and hydropower (2.3%).

Government reports say nuclear remained the highest single source of low carbon power delivering reliable, secure and always available power to the grid whatever the weather, providing a stable source of low carbon generation capacity in the UK.

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