Centrica and Ombu plug in to EV infrastructure with new investment

The companies say Israeli start-up Driivz’s cloud-based system will help drive the low carbon transition

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Centrica and technology financier Ombu have invested in an electric vehicle (EV) charging software provider.

Israeli start-up Driivz has developed a cloud-based EV charging operating system already being used by more than 200,000 drivers around the world – the latest investment from the Big Six supplier and Ombu forms part of a £9 million funding round.

The platform offers charging network operators, car manufacturers and utilities an end-to-end solution to manage all aspects of EV deployment from charging cars, managing power levels and controlling driver billing.

Centrica is also integrating the Driivz platform into a new ‘intelligent charging’ service targeted at businesses.

Jonathan Tudor, Director of Technology and Innovation Strategy for Centrica Innovations, said: “With 14 million EVs expected on UK roads by 2030, there can be no doubt that e-mobility will have a significant impact on how we manage the delicate balance of supply and demand to the grid.

“This investment is a key opportunity for Centrica to support growing customer demand and work in partnership with Driivz to explore new offers for customers that connect home, work and on-the-road car charging, while also evaluating the role of EVs and potential vehicle-to-grid applications as part of the future energy landscape.”

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