Scotland provides £5m for oil and gas decommissioning

The Decommissioning Challenge Fund has been re-opened for a third round of funding

Big Zero Report 2022

The Scottish Government is providing an additional £5 million to help the oil and gas supply chain benefit from decommissioning the North Sea infrastructure.

The Decommissioning Challenge Fund (DCF), which supports infrastructure upgrades and innovation in retrieval and transportation methods at ports and harbours, has been re-opened for a third round of funding.

It also backs engineering scoping work, feasibility studies and business development at key sites to help attract further private investment.

Scottish Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse said: “We fully recognise that decommissioning is an emerging but growing activity in the North Sea. More than £17 billion is expected to be spent in the North Sea to 2025, with the peak for decommissioning activity in this area predicted to go beyond this.

“Scotland’s supply chain is winning the lion’s share of project value in areas like well-plugging and abandonment but there is room to further increase market share in areas such as the salvage and disposal of top-side infrastructure.”

The competition is open until 28th September 2018.

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