Large-scale hybrid wind, solar and battery unit springs up down under

Windlab’s Kennedy Energy Park in Queensland will provide 64MW of renewable power

A large-scale hybrid wind, solar and battery storage facility in Queensland, Australia, has entered the construction stage.

Windlab’s 64MW Kennedy Energy Park near Hughenden will be made up of 12 wind turbines, 55,000 solar panels and 4MWh of dispatchable battery storage.

Its construction phase is expected to last around 12 months, during which time the largest turbines in Australia to date will be installed – their 67-metre blades have been specially designed to be as quiet and efficient as possible.

The developer says there is an abundance of suitable weather in the region, with 330 days of bright sunshine each year, in addition to strong winds in the afternoon and at night when energy production from the solar farm tails off.

Upon its completion, the project is expected to generate enough clean power to supply more than 35,000 average Australian homes.

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