Lidl Ireland charges up store car parks with EV infrastructure

It has committed to building 40 EV charging points across 20 of its locations

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Lidl Ireland has committed to installing electric vehicle (EV) charging points at all of its new supermarkets and refurbishment projects.

The Irish branch of the supermarket chain says it will build 40 EV charging points across 20 of its locations over the next six months, a move it expects to help slash emissions and work towards a decarbonised transport system.

The chargers, which will be free to use for customers, are expected to cost around €150,000 (£134,000) and will be put into place by Car Charger EV.

Chargers already installed at Lidl’s store in Drogheda are said to provide around 62 miles of range per charge and are currently being used to power around 2,500 miles of electric driving every week.

Alan Barry, Director of Property and Central services at Lidl Ireland, said: “EVs are indispensable in addressing the major challenges of improving air quality and curbing the use of fossil fuels,”

“With more and more customers shopping with us every week, we hope that the expansion of the network of public charge points will make EVs more attractive to customers whilst further enhancing our customer experience.”

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