US supermarket giant Kroger to bin plastic bags by 2025

The company also aims to divert 90% of its waste from landfill by 2022

The Big Zero report

US supermarket giant Kroger has announced plans to phase out single-use plastic bags by 2025.

Seattle-based QFX will be the company’s first retail division to make the transition towards using reusable bags instead, which is expected to be completed next year.

Kroger, which has more than 2,800 stores, cites estimates that suggest around 100 billion single-use plastic bags are thrown away in the US every year and currently, less than 5% of plastic bags are recycled.

Chairman and CEO Rodney McMullen said: “As part of or Zero Hunger, Zero Waste commitment, we are phasing out use-once, throw-it-away plastic bags and transitioning to reusable bags in our stores by 2025. It’s a bold move that will better protect our planet for future generations.”

The latest initiative comes after the company announced its ambition to divert 90% of its waste from landfill by 2022.

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