Xiamen International Marathon runs towards plastic-free future

Organisers of the annual event have set out a plan that is expected to reduce plastic waste by 50%

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The Xiamen International Marathon in China has committed to implement a ban on single-use plastic bottles and disposable cups.

The annual sporting event, which takes place in January and sees around 35,000 runners every year, has joined the UN Environment’s #CleanSeas campaign, which aims to turn the tide on plastic waste and stop it from entering the oceans.

The marathon organisers have set out a plan that is expected to reduce plastic waste by 50%.

It includes replacing nearly one million single-use cups with biodegradable ones made from maize straw and going paper-free, which means all announcements will be digital and save around 10,000kg of paper.

They also plan to reuse placards from previous events and use biodegradable material in the promotional packs.

Wu Mingxian, Director of Xiamen Marathon Organising Committee said: “As an energetic race promoting a healthy lifestyle, the Xiamen Marathon has always advocated the importance to include green initiatives.

“Joining the UN Environment #CleanSeas campaign is a great opportunity for us to upgrade the marathon to a new level by fulfilling our commitment to environment protection and sustainable development. For us, it is just the beginning of a grand adventure.”

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