Carlsberg toasts electricity bill savings at Danish logistics centre

It replaced its old lighting with LEDs at five large warehouses

Big Zero Report 2022

Carlsberg has seen a 50% reduction on its electricity bill at its logistics centre in Denmark following an energy efficient upgrade programme.

It replaced its old lighting with LEDs at five large warehouses in the Danish town of Høje Tåstrup, which have resulted in savings of 650,000kWh of power and 400 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

The logistics centre employs 180 people who ship 2,500 pallets of beer and other beverages to stores, bars and restaurants every day.

LEDVANCE, which installed the lighting, added the LEDs will last around 2.5 times longer than conventional ones.

Jesper Larsen, Head of Distribution at Carlsberg said: “Not only would a switch from conventional lighting to LED lighting provide us with a 50% saving on electricity costs and a large saving of CO2 emissions but we also needed energy efficient, flexible lighting solutions that were a better fit for our purpose.

“With a lifetime of up to 50,000 operational hours, which for many means a lifetime of up to 15 years, they normally don’t have to be replaced until the buildings are reconstructed or renovated – not because they break or burn out. That is probably also why LEDVANCE offers a guarantee of up to five years for many of their luminaires.”

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