UKPN charges ahead with new electric vans trial

It is also installing 27 charging points across offices and depots, with plans to power some with onsite solar generation

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UK Power Networks (UKPN) has launched a new electric vans trial in London as part of its efforts to reduce air pollution.

The electricity distributor, which is a member of the Mayor of London’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Taskforce, is gearing up to connect an estimated 4.1 million EVs to its networks across London, the South East and East of England by 2030.

Nearly a third of EVs already sold in the UK connect onto UKPN’s network.

Engineers will use the electric vans from depots in Brixton, Camden, Canning Town and Falconwood.

The organisation is also installing 27 charging points across 14 of its offices and depots, with plans to power them with onsite solar generation at six of the locations.

Patrick Clarke, UKPN Director of Network Operations said: “Piloting EVs in our fleet and introducing EVs to the company car list is improving the environment for communities now and investing in the health of future generation.

“We are committed to being the most environmentally responsible and lowest cost electricity network operator. EVs will help further reduce our carbon footprint and boost air quality, which is especially important in areas where children live and play, near busy main roads.”

The company is said to have reduced its carbon footprint by 16.7% since 2015.


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