Get re-energised at E.ON’s sustainable spa on the South Bank

The pop-up aims to display how renewable technologies can be effectively used

Big Zero Report 2022

Members of the public can get re-energised at E.ON’s sustainable spa on the South Bank, powered by solar and storage technologies.

The pop-up aims to give visitors an opportunity to relax while learning about clean energy and how it can be used, through the medium of health and wellbeing experiences.

It will feature an immersive mind pod with calming music and lighting, 100% powered by E.ON’s solar and battery storage units.

In the body pod, guests will be able to jump on exercise bikes that generate electricity when pedaled, allowing riders to charge their phones.

E.ON staff will also be available to talk about technologies such as solar panels, smart meters and efficient boilers.

Belinda Moore, Marketing and Communications Director at E.ON, said: “With our Recharge Retreat we wanted to take a bold approach and deliver something very different – we wanted to design an experience that would demonstrate the amazing things you can do with energy and how energy really is at the heart of people’s lives.”

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