It’s up and away for this £2.5m clean energy and storage bond

Investment platform Downing Crowd’s bond will direct investments into Bagnall Energy

Investment platform Downing Crowd is to launch a £2.5 million bond for renewable energy and storage company Bagnall Energy.

The ‘seven-day access’ bond is designed to offer investors a fixed return of 3% interest per annum, without having to lock their money away for a fixed period of time -investors will be able to redeem their funds at any point with up to seven days’ notice.

Bagnall Energy, which is managed by Downing LLP, has funded more than £165 million of UK energy projects since it was launched in 2013.

It currently has a portfolio of 40 solar, wind, anaerobic digestion and reserve power projects across the UK.

The firm, which plans to issue up to a total of £20 million of additional bonds. invests across a diverse range of energy sectors to minimise risk and avoid over-exposure.

Downing LLP Partner Julia Groves said: “The renewable energy sector presents a diverse range of opportunities for investors. Income streams from energy generation are well established, which can provide our investors with predictable revenue.

“There is also the wider benefit for investors of knowing that their money is having a positive impact on the UK energy market and environment.”

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