BP and RocketSpace pick four start-ups to test advanced mobility solutions

The chosen firms will partner with Avis Budget Group, IBM and Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi under a 12-week programme

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BP and RocketSpace have chosen four global start-ups to test technological advances in transport such as vehicle electrification and autonomous driving.

It is part of their Mobility Tech Innovation Collaboration, which aims to shape the future movement of people, goods and services in collaboration with mobility and smart transportation industry leaders.

Britain’s Immense Simulations and Spark, Israel’s Fleetonomy and Parkofon from the US have been selected to test and explore partnerships with Avis Budget Group, IBM and Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi under the 12-week programme.

They represent a technologically diverse group of advanced mobility technologies such as electric vehicle (EV) fleet planning, artificial intelligence-driven fleet management and advanced parking solutions.

Roy Williamson, Vice President of BP’s Advanced Mobility said: “I see RocketSpace as a win-win for everyone involved. For start-ups, it provides the opportunity to work with BP to test their products and services in our environment. For BP, we get to experiment with new products and services that could help us transform mobility and ensure we are positioned to meet the needs of customers now and into the future.”

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