UK ‘set for surge in green gas plants’

Up to £400 million is to be invested in associated infrastructure by 2020

The Big Zero report

The UK is set for a surge in green gas plants, with up to £400 million to be invested in associated infrastructure by 2020.

That’s according to Cadent Gas, which is teaming up with SGN, Northern Gas Networks and Wales & West Utilities to facilitate this growth – together, they plan to build 48 new biomethane plants, taking the UK total up from 98 plants to 146.

Green gas plants turn organic waste into gas to heat thousands of homes and power heavy goods vehicles – this material would otherwise go to landfill, where it decays and produces gases more harmful to the environment than carbon.

The plant developers are keen to take advantage of a tariff guarantee announced earlier this year, which will only apply to plants commissioned by the 31st of January 2020.

Tina Hawke, Design Manager for Cadent, said: “This will provide safe, sustainable gas supplies for homes and businesses for decades to come and help to reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions.”

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