UK’s energy assets ‘will be in the hands of communities within a decade’

Matt Allen, CEO of Pivot Power, told ELN Editor Sumit Bose about how a new platform could help fund the change

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A significant proportion of the UK’s energy assets will be in the hands of local communities within a decade.

That’s according to Matt Allen, CEO of Pivot Power, who told ELN Editor Sumit Bose about his company’s plans to create a platform for community-level investors to get involved with and help enable strong regional infrastructure facilities to be built.

He suggested such a platform would increase confidence, encourage investment and thereby increase utilisation, as investors would want to see the returns offered by the projects they have financed.

Mr Allen said the mechanism would prove “beneficial and attractive” to both large, traditional investors and also community-based groups.

He said: “We need to participate, we can’t be sitting on the sidelines watching this very fast-moving train, that is very daunting and very intimidating and that’s one of the biggest things that we’re focused on, how do we provide those opportunities for engagement, participation, understanding the narrative, understanding the opportunity, understanding the risks.”

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