Solar ‘makes up 99% of Feed-in Tariff installations in last year’

Despite this, photovoltaic projects made up only 80% of capacity growth

Big Zero Report 2022

Solar installations have made up 99% of Feed-in Tariff (FiT) installations put into place in the last year.

That’s according to new statistics released by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), which show despite this, photovoltaic projects made up only 80% of capacity growth.

Overall FiT-scale deployment at the end of September 2018 made up 6396.4MW across 949,121 installations, representing a 2% increase in total capacity and a 4% increase in the number of installations compared to the same time a year before.

At this time, total solar capacity across the country totalled 12,953MW across 963,764 sites, an increase of 1.8% from the end of September in 2017.

The statistics also show during the three month period from June to August, primary energy consumption in the UK fell by 1.1% and by 1.7% on a temperature-adjusted basis.

Electricity generation by major power producers fell 0.7%, with coal down 47% and gas up 7.9%.

Renewables also fell, dropping by 5.6% despite strong solar generation.

Gas made up 49.1% of electricity generated by major power producers, with nuclear at 27.5%, renewables at 22.2% and coal at 1.2% – these organisations’ share of low carbon electricity fell by 2.8% to 49.7%.

A FiT exemption for energy intensive industries will apply in the UK.

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