New smart chargers ‘bridge gap between renewables and EVs’

UK-based tech firm myenergi says charging rates will change depending on levels of onsite generation

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myenergi's zappi EV charger

UK-based tech firm myenergi has launched a new smart charger it claims is the first to bridge the gap between renewable energy and electric vehicles (EVs).

It suggests the device, which will be available to pre-order from December 2018, allows drivers to access carbon-free driving at a cost as low as 1p/mile by automatically charging when electricity rates are cheapest or when onsite generation is at its highest.

The ‘zappi’ equipment works like other regular charging points but has special ‘eco’ modes designed for use in conjunction with grid-linked wind or solar microgeneration systems.

Charge power is automatically adjusted in response to changing generation levels and consumption elsewhere in the home – it will pause if there is too much imported power, continuing only when there is enough surplus energy available.

Fiona Howarth, Octopus EVs CEO, said: “At Octopus EVs we are thrilled to partner with myenergi and offer our customers some of the most revolutionary technology by pairing our dynamic EV tariff Octopus Go with zappi and making the move to zero-carbon transportation and cleaner air as part of our commitment to better health for the next generation, with an outlook for more sustainable living.”

The first 1,000 units are due to go into production in January and February 2019.

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