British Airways clears the runway for sustainable fuel takeoff

The airline aims to power a flight carrying up to 300 customers with zero net emissions

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British Airways has challenged academics from across the UK to develop a sustainable jet fuel capable of powering a long-haul commercial flight.

The airline wants to use the fuel to carry up to 300 customers with zero net emissions, as part of a goal to balance growth in aviation with sustainable development and benefit the environment and wider society.

The winner of the challenge will receive £25,000 to help fund further research and a commitment from the airline to help develop their research.

Nominations will be judged by a panel of industry experts based on the idea’s carbon reduction potential, as well as its innovation, value to the UK economy and feasibility to implement.

Alex Cruz, Chairman and CEO of British Airways, said: “The UK can lead the world in the development and production of sustainable alternative fuels, which will play a key role in decarbonising aviation, as well as delivering benefits for employment, exports and waste reduction.

“Some of the best scientific minds in this field are based in the UK and are brilliantly equipped to develop a pathway for the UK to achieve global leadership in the development of sustainable alternative aviation fuels.”

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