ENGIE builds a clean future with construction supplier deal

The French gas and electricity giant will provide CEMEX with renewable power

Big Zero Report 2022

French energy giant ENGIE has signed a deal to supply building materials supplier CEMEX with 100% renewable electricity.

The company has been providing power to more than 150 CEMEX sites for around a decade, as well as supplying gas to 33 of these locations – the current contract is to be extended for a further year.

The new deal will produce zero carbon emissions, helping to significantly reduce CEMEX’s carbon footprint and contribute to decarbonising the UK.

In the last financial year, renewable energy made up more than a third of ENGIE’s fuel supply mix.

The deal will also incorporate load management to help CEMEX avoid peak tariffs and rapid frequency response to generate extra revenue.

Martin Hills, Head of Energy and Carbon at CEMEX in the UK said: “Cement manufacture is inherently energy-intensive and we work hard to minimise energy consumption within the process constraints.

“The switch to electricity from renewable sources is playing a key role in our carbon reduction strategy.”

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