Budweiser brewer hops towards lager emissions reductions

AB InBev has signed a 15-year power purchase agreement with Lightsource BP

Big Zero Report 2022

The brewer of Budweiser in the UK has signed a deal to purchase 100% renewable electricity from solar business Lightsource.

Through the 15-year power purchase agreement (PPA), AB InBev will receive 100MW of solar electricity, enough to power around 18,000 households across the country.

It plans to be using the power to supply its two core breweries by 2020 – together, the facilities in Lancashire and South Wales produce more than 17 million cans of the lager each week.

The firm will also include a label on cans and bottles showing the beer was produced with clean energy.

AB InBev Europe President, Jason Warner, said: “This deal is about driving positive change in what people buy in their weekly shop, order in the pub or drink with friends.

“We want to build a movement towards celebrating and growing renewable electricity, and are asking our consumers, customers, colleagues, business partners and fellow companies to join us – we are making our 100% renewable electricity symbol available for any brands who share these values.”

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