Solar-powered rubbish compactor clamps down on emissions

Highlander International Recycling has created the paper-crushing device for Arjo Wiggins

Highlander International's solar compactor

Highlander International Recycling has created what it claims is the world’s first smart-enabled solar power rubbish compactor.

The firm has combined solar powered compactors and auto-alert compactors into a single machine for the first time as part of recycling services it provides for paper producer Arjo Wiggins, which it has worked with since 2013.

The device alerts staff via text or email whenever the compactor is three-quarters full and requires emptying, improving the cost-per-tonne of each collection and enabling optimised operational efficiency.

It says solar panels are a good way of providing the machine with a free and abundant power source without having to spend tens of thousands of pounds in cabling.

The compactor can accommodate wheelie bins of up to 1100 litres in capacity, meaning waste can be collected from a range of different parts of the business and brought to a central location for compaction, resulting in reduced transport costs and related emissions.

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