Siemens Gamesa gusts towards cleaner energy with 10MW turbine

The offshore wind tower will produce 30% more renewable power than its predecessor

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Siemens Gamesa has launched a new 10MW offshore wind turbine it claims will generate 30% more renewable power than its predecessor.

The SG 10.0-193 DD offshore wind turbine boasts a 193-metre diameter rotor and each blade is almost the length of a football field.

It is designed to offer maximum energy yield at all wind speeds – an offshore wind farm with 20 of the turbines would be able to supply the annual electricity demand of a city the size of Liverpool.

The machine will be market-ready in 2022, following the installation of a prototype model this year.

Siemens Gamesa says its structure allows for most components from previous generations to be reused, meaning it can be built more quickly and cheaply.

Andreas Nauen, CEO of Offshore Wind at Siemens Gamesa, said: “New markets are developing across the globe, all of which require cost-efficient, reliable and clean power for generations.

“The SG 10.0-193 DD enables us as market leaders to meet these needs in close cooperation with our customers, stakeholders, and society-at-large.”

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